Q: how quickly can you make the logo?

It really depends on the type of logo we make. Our goal is to produce most of the illuminated signs in 3-7 working days and complete the alphabet in about 10 working days. We can work within a more stringent deadline, as long as we know your time scale, we will inform you if this can be achieved.

Q:Can you install a sign?

Yes, we know. We have an experienced assembly team at VINTAGE SIGN who are busy assembling logos and graphics every day. We price this accessory separately so that you can see the cost details.

Q:How do I know I've got a high quality job?

We love this question! We like customers to care about their logo and quality. We are proud to provide high quality signage to fit any budget, we can recommend materials and their lives, as well as in style and what kind of work best suits your project.

Q:Can you design these signs and graphics?

We provide services that enable us to produce layout, technical drawings, edit existing logo and typography designs

Q: what is the delivery time and delivery company?

Most of the signatures will be delivered within 3-7 working days. We mainly use FedEx.

Q: what is standard packaging?

Inside is the foam, our side is the environmental protection material.

Q: can road signs be waterproof?

Yes, all the materials are waterproof.

Q: what is the minimum order quantity?

We accept samples with a minimum order of 1pcs.

Q:What other Types of Signs Can You Do?

We can create

  • birthdays

  • weddings

  • events

  • Bar signs 

  • customized gifts

  • bar signs 

  • open signs

  • Children's park

  • neon wall art

  • neon bussiness signs

  • indoor and outdoor neon signs

  • LED neon lights for home decorate