Differences between flexible neon sign and traditional neon sign

The Flexible Neon light seen on the market are made of flexible neon tubes. It is a very popular LED product recently. Compared with traditional Neon tubes, its performance in all aspects is very perfect, and it also makes up for many shortcomings. . The following will introduce what advantages it has compared with traditional Light NEON.

1. The safe bottom voltage, the power consumption is relatively small. Because its light source is LED, it can work normally even at 24V, and its power consumption is 4.7W/M.

2. The brightness of the flexible light strip is relatively high. The light source is made of imported ultra-high-brightness LEDs in series. The encrypted arrangement of 80 LEDs per meter or 90 LEDs per meter is the fundamental guarantee for the overall luminous effect and high brightness.

3. Longevity and energy saving. This advantage is very obvious compared with the traditional light strip. The flexible light strip incorporates a new structure on the basis of LED technology. So even if it is used for many years, normal operation can be guaranteed. And it also has the advantage of energy saving, saving a lot of power cost than traditional light strips.

4. Soft. As the name implies, flexibility means that it is very soft. It can be bent to a diameter of 8CM, and it can be cut at any scissors, so it needs to be bent into various characters and graphics.

5. Security. Safety can be said to be the basic requirement of all LED products. The normal operation of traditional light strips requires a high voltage of 15V, while the flexible light strips can also operate normally at a low voltage of 24V. In addition, it is shockproof and has low heat dissipation. So it is very safe.

6. Easy to install. The flexible light strip is similar in essence to the traditional light strip, so it can be as safe and convenient as transporting LED rainbow tubes. If it is equipped with a special card slot, you only need to nail the card slot first and then snap it up. It is as convenient and stable as the installation of ordinary wires.

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