The scope of using Neon Flex in the 21st century

From the earliest traditional Neon Lights used in the production of some bars and clubs’ door signs and shop signs, they have gradually been replaced by mini-characters and luminous characters, and then replaced by LED flexible lights.this article will take you to talk about where modern traditional Neon Signage are used.

1. Internet celebrity shop

The decoration style of the most popular online celebrity stores is also decorated with neon lights, and the most traditional and ancient neon lights are used to decorate the most modern online celebrity stores. These two elements, one old and one new, make the unique style of the entire store particularly charming. Generally, most people who go to Internet celebrity shops are young people, and they have little understanding of traditional lighting such as neon lights. Therefore, traditional neon lights confirm the most novel and trendy style for this group of young people.

2. Variety show

We often see neon lights in many variety shows, such as the hottest "Hot-Blood Street Dance Company". Street dance was first spread to China from foreign countries, and it affected a large number of young people. That is to say, because foreign countries prefer such neon lights, they are usually visible on some streets, so these factors were brought to "Hot-Blood Street Dance Troupe". In the first few issues, we can see the traditional neon lights hanging on both sides of the street throughout the block.

3. Studio City

Master viewers do not know if you have noticed that neon bright lights and neon signs can be seen in many old neighborhoods or films with a sense of age. Because traditional neon lights are used less and less, so many streets full of neon lights can only be seen in movies, relive this street atmosphere with a sense of age. Most domestic studios use neon lights to decorate some streets into an old Shanghai style for filming.

4. Export abroad

Foreign countries have always liked to use neon lights to decorate bars, shops, home improvement, and event scenes. Foreigners love neon lights very much, so many neon lights are also exported abroad. For foreigners who like neon lights so much, I can only think that it may be a kind of feeling,affected by the environment since childhood.

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