The application of LED in the advertising industry

In traditional light sources, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and neon light have been seen everywhere, and people may have turned a blind eye to their existence. Especially in the advertising industry, the application of neon sign has been very popular. Most advertising engineering production staff will immediately think of neon lights when making text, logos and other signs, but they are not familiar with or understand LED Neon Sign.

  In fact, as a new type of electric light source, LED Neon has obvious advantages in the production of large-scale luminous three-dimensional characters and luminous signs (Logo), especially after the development of ultra-high-brightness LED has been successfully developed and put into use.

In the application of large-scale luminous three-dimensional characters and luminous signs (Logo) using LED as the light source, the LED light source is installed on a small integrated circuit board. The circuit board is generally small square and long square, but also round and Oval shape, connect these circuit boards with special cables, connect with special transformers (usually choose DC12V, 24V), and then switch on the general lighting power supply to use.


At present, the three-dimensional luminous characters (or logos) that use LED as the light source are mostly copper or iron groove characters (painted with various colors of paint), acrylic characters (paste organic sheets or acrylic plates of various colors on the bottom or surface) , FRP word. By adding an LED light source to the groove, using an acrylic board or organic cover, with special aluminum-plastic edge strips, the three-dimensional luminous characters are completed.

  Such three-dimensional luminous characters are not only bright and novel, but also easily solve the problems of easy fading of original three-dimensional characters, dim luminescence, short material life and frequent maintenance.

  LED light source can also be used in the light box, which can make the light box thinner, making the light box more compact and exquisite, emitting brilliant and charming colors.

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